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List: Hard Times

In my last post, I mentioned having a hard weekend. This is what “not doing great” usually looks like for me:

  • Netflix, lots of Netflix. Lately I’ve been watching so much Grey’s Anatomy I could tell you exactly how many different hairstyles Izzie had in s03. (six)
  • Wallowing on the couch
  • Crying suddenly at odd times… like when Meredith Grey has a breakthrough in therapy. (Yes, I see the irony in this.)
  • Taking another shower
  • Too many cookies
  • Lying on the floor while watching Netflix
  • Planning to get out of the house
  • Not getting out of the house
  • Planning to wake up early
  • Sleeping in

I have a lot of techniques I learned through therapy, books, and trial & error that really work for me to combat these depressive behaviors. I’ve done really well in the past couple of years to overcome the feelings that lead to weekends like this, but it’s important to acknowledge that progress doesn’t mean I’m okay all the time. It just means that when I’m not, I understand myself and can be more forgiving & hopeful later on.