Like almost all world sporting events, I am much more into the Olympics than I expected to be. (See: Me watching every World Cup match in 2014/15 despite only having a loose grasp on anything football.) I think Leslie Jones’ Twitter feed should get some credit for this, but I’m also just totally into how many amazing American women are competing.

Just to give a few examples: The World Champion U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is hoping to be the first team to win the Championship and the Olympic gold medal back-to-back. And, of course we have to talk about Simone Biles. Not since Kerri Strug’s Olympic moment (one of the greatest sports moments ever) in 1996 have I been this excited about U.S. gymnastics. Our team is GREAT, and Simone’s talent is just untouchable. She’s amazing .

Last night, Katie Ledecky smashed the world record and won the gold medal in the Women’s 400m freestyle. It was the greatest few minutes of “someone swimming in a pool” I’ve ever seen in my life.


It’s all very exciting and difficult for me to not end up on the edge of my couch cheering for these women. Of course everyone competing in Rio is an impressive super-human, but if you don’t think it’s harder for women to receive the respect they deserve as athletes, see this infuriating claim by NBC Olympics: Women aren’t really all that into sports. (Also see: life for women, in general.)

All this left me thinking…

🇺🇸 Go Team USA!

Photo Credits: Katie Ledecky via Rio Highlights from NPR & featured image of Simone Biles via this story on Elle