A Few Good Things

1. We’ve been thinking about trying out a new city for our next move. Since we know what we’re looking for but not sure where we might end up, someone recently recommended using Teleport. It’s a fun tool that let’s me check out cities that fit our metrics and make comparisons based on how much they would be over or under our current cost of living.Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.21.00I don’t think we’ll end up in Berlin, but it’s good to know what’s out there.
2. Last month, I noticed my partner was waking up every day with a different song in his head. I started making a habit of asking him about it. He has very large and varied catalog of music in his brain. Now, he has (finally) started a blog to keep a record of these songs. I like it :).Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.04.123. I finally started watching Gravity Falls and I love it.