A Reminder to Throw Away the Plan

Occasionally,  I think about all the times I’ve thought, “I finally have my life sorted out & things are great.”

tumblr_n10zdmPuE81qf9mevo1_500But in reality, I wasn’t actually doing that great at all.


And that leaves me wondering: Does anyone ever have their “shit together” or do we all just pretend to have that – a life of sorted out plans – because it helps us feel secure?

As children, we learn to feel in control and safe when there are plans. (School events, family holidays, summer vacation, dates, sports games, planning to get your driver’s license or go to college or start a career…) But then adulthood happens and plans are broken, changed, or non-existent until you realize there’s no point in planning at all. It’s funny how the first part of life revolves around plans for the second mostly plan-free part.

I think “get your shit together” only ever really means “have empathy & stand up for yourself.” And you don’t have to have plans to do that. The people living their best lives as adults are never the same people sticking to plans. It’s no coincidence that most real achievements usually start out as totally unplanned things that scare us.

Silly thing in my head as I type this: This clip from Rick & Morty.