Saying “Yes” to What You Want

Saying “Yes” to What You Want

I realized earlier today that I never finished Shonda Rhimes’ book and had one more chapter. It was a chapter about unapologetically going for what you want in life, and I really needed to hear it. (Literally, I listened to the audiobook.) I’ve thought, “I want this!” so many times in my life, only to realize later I was way off and what I thought I wanted were really other people’s expectations.

“Normalize your life.” is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard, coming from “Year of Yes,” which I definitely recommend:

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It’s hard to know for sure what you want. You have to make mistakes, realize your own identity, and find some security in your life before it’s even possible. Once you actually figure out what works for you, whether it’s a certain job, a city to live in, a person to be with, or not eating pizza with mushrooms, if you want it for yourself and it makes you happy, go for it because YOU FIGURED IT OUT and frankly, don’t waste time, we’re all going to die.

When you accept yourself and what you want, what you “should” do or what other people are doing no longer matters. As Mindy Lahiri once said, “It’s so weird being my own role model,” but the alternative seems to be an uncomfortable life spent struggling with your choices and the expectations of others instead of embracing who you are. And who wants that?

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