A Friday List

A Friday List

Despite feeling more tired than usual this week because ugh, it’s Daylight Saving Time again, I made it through the week alive. Here’s some proof:

    • I FINALLY saw Get Out. Yes, it’s that good. Yes, you should see it in the theater. As someone who has recently come around to horror movies, this was a perfect blend of social commentary and horror movie tropes. It’s entirely modern & classic. If you’ve seen it, I recommend getting some deeper podcast perspective: No, Totally and Black Girl Nerds.
    • Speaking of diverse voices in film: Rebecca Theodore on Diversity & Inclusion in Film Criticism.
    • I’m reading Papergirls & I love it. It’s written by Brian K. Vaughan who also writes my favorite graphic novel, Saga, plus it’s basically the answer to, “What if ANY of the many stories I grew up with as a kid in the ’80s about an unexpected group of children saving the day were about girls?”

Have a good weekend!

The New Wonder Woman Trailer is Here!

The New Wonder Woman Trailer is Here!

I’m excited for this movie. Patty Jenkins has been working on a WW movie concept for 10 years, and it looks like she’s giving us a pretty perfect official introduction to Diana of Themyscira. (Her actual intro in BvS was a scene-stealer.):

The DCMU really needs a balanced, hopeful story in their lineup. This looks like it.
And now June 2nd seems very far away.

Recommended Read-While-We-Wait: The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

Going Rogue

I had my hair cut a few weeks ago. I left it a little longer than usual since I’ll be in a wedding next month in which I need my hair to…do things. The stylist who cut my hair remarked on how naturally shiny it was (thanks!) and how my one streak of gray hair across the top on one side was “very specific.” (thanks?)

I felt compelled to explain:

“I first noticed gray in that area when I was just 13. Someone pointed it out at school one day. I think it might be hereditary from my grandmother, but she never quite confirmed.”

“Did you experience a traumatic event when you were younger? I don’t want to pry, but they say that’s why a gray streak like that happens.”

I instinctively answered, “No.” I wasn’t lying, but that reply didn’t feel comfortable. Without going into details here, I had a pretty unstable childhood with some periods of extreme dysfunction. Until going through a year of therapy in 2015-16, I never thought of any of it as “trauma.” But now…hm. All the stress I lived with could have caused an extreme physical change.

I never let my gray hair bother me too much. (Although admittedly I have dyed my hair pretty regularly at times.) As a teen, I always thought of my particular gray streak as sort of a much less obvious Rogue-from-the-X-Men-type marking. I’ve worked hard to get past a lot of the issues that lingered from my childhood.  So for now, I think I’ll stick with that very cool & relevant way of thinking about it.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Quick Update

I’m still here.

I’m working on defining the people, places, and activities in my life that matter, and discarding the rest. This is hard work.

It’s far too easy to get distracted all the time. I don’t think this blog is a distraction. Writing and keeping a personal record, despite my infrequency to do so, matters to me. Even if it’s just to say, “I’m still here.” sometimes.

2017: The Year of the ?!?!!!

My brain is not okay with tomorrow’s inauguration. All week it’s been buzzing and racing and running “omg, omg” on a loop. I’m usually pretty calm, collected, and organized. (At least outwardly.) But this week I left the gelato out and it melted, I forgot my umbrella when it rained, I cried in the car, I missed deadlines, I slept through my alarm. About once a day, I feel sort of numb and detached. Then my stomach hurts. That last part isn’t so new.

This sums up my 2017 so far pretty well:

Knowing I’m far from the only one feeling like this helps. In that way, Twitter helps. It also reminds me that the next four years hold very high stakes for America… so yes, take care of yourself and allow these hard days or weeks, but stay in the fight and keep moving ahead. It all feels very devastating right now. But also right now, Barack Obama is president of my country. He’s a really good person and his leadership was more than legislation or speeches. (Although a lot of that was really good too.) Knowing he’ll be among us as a citizen is something I think I can take comfort in tomorrow and the long days ahead.